House of Cards

The next generation of television program is officially upon us. Hulu’s hyper-compelling low-budget drama The Booth at the End made serious waves last year, but with House of Cards, which boasts star-studded talent (Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, and director David Fincher), an impressive $4 million-per-episode budget, and a distribution schedule that consists of releasing 13 episodes at once, Netflix is breaking new ground on Internet programming.

It doesn’t hurt that that the show is awesome.

I only just watched the first episode, and it was confusing at times, but it’s also thrilling. I’m particularly enamored with the hero’s dialogue. A couple of my favorite lines: “I love that woman more than sharks love blood,” and “We’re in the same boat now, Zoe. Be careful not to tip it over, I can only save one of us.”

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