Things I Learned from David Newman

January 7, 2011

Today at Austin Speakers Network I saw David Newman of Do It Marketing speak. I’m a fan.

  1. Buyers are lazy, confused, and befuddled. So make the buying process easy for them. For you writers out there, this also applies to people who are reading your work. Just replace “Buyers” with “Readers”.
  2. Target the work that you want and then take what comes.
  3. If you don’t risk turning some people off, you’re never gonna turn anybody on.
  4. Learn to say NO – you’re defined by the things you don’t do at least as much as the things you say yes to.
  5. A professionally published book says to a buyer “I don’t have to be the first one to trust you.”
  6. Don’t market dog food to the dog. He’s not the one buying it!
  7. The financial impact of the problems I solve need to dwarf my fee.
  8. The formula for a title is: Something Catchy: Specific Benefit or Outcome.
  9. Create content daily.
  10. Offer the following guarantee: I’m better than anyone who’s cheaper, and I’m cheaper than anyone who’s better.



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